Methow Valley Watershed Photo Contest

Deadline, Nov 1, 2021

Category 1: Landscapes

Whether you are a professional photographer or just like to snap photos with your phone, the Methow Valley Citizens Council wants to experience the Methow through your lens.

Category 2: Wildlife

MVCC is calling on all local and visiting photography enthusiasts to participate in our Methow Valley Watershed 2021 photo contest. 

Category 3: Methow Character

What gives the Methow its flavor besides the mountain peaks and nesting osprey? Is it the weathered barns, the stacked hay, or the Western facades? Or perhaps the bustling farmer’s market, a fisherman plying his line, or a motorcycle gang cruising down Highway 20? In this category, we want you to submit photos showing off that uniquely #Methowcharacter. This category will be judged by the public in an online poll conducted on MVCC’s social media accounts in the fall of 2021. Entries in this category should be shared by including @mvcitizens and #methowcharacter in your Instagram or Facebook post, and by also sending the image file to 

Contest Rules

  • No more than 2 submissions per category per person for the Landscape and Wildlife Categories.  The Methow Character category doesn’t have a limit on how many photos an entrant can submit.
  • Photos must be taken within the Methow Valley watershed, defined as the Columbia River up to the Cascade Crest, and taken in the last 3 years.
  • No composites (must be a single photo), HDR, or photo retouching that dramatically changes the scene from the original. Usual adjustments of saturation, sharpness, exposure and basic cleanup permitted.  
  • No use of bait to obtain wildlife photos except standard feeders for songbirds.  
  • Participants that submit photos will retain full rights to their photographs. MVCC reserves the right to use photos in publicity (with attribution) at its discretion.

Contest waiver/disclaimer and additional rules can be found on the entry form.

Deadline for photo submissions = November 1st 2021. Winners will be announced within a few weeks of the deadline.