Molly Starcher: The Art of Baking

Winter 2021.22

Like a musician immersed in their concerto, Molly Starcher finds her flow state mixing ingredients, flavors, and designing pastries in the kitchen. “A painter develops some sort of intuition, and they’re drawn to certain colors,” she says, “I’m drawn to certain flavors. I’m not making decisions all the time – it just happens.”

Starcher has been baking as long as she can remember and hasn’t stopped, turning her hobby into an art. “I’ve compared tools with my mother, a potter,” she says, “and many of them are the same as mine. It’s the same thing, different mediums.” Like many local artists, Starcher finds inspiration in the seasonal changes of the Methow Valley. The cozy colors of fall shift to the stark whites of winter in sharp contrast to the sky and river, influencing her designs and flavors. Her recent experiments have involved incorporating herbal flavors derived from local plants, like rose and pine, into her baking.

Winter is Starcher’s favorite season for festive baking. It is a time for pies and extra cute cookies, and a dedicated time to share what she loves with other people. Looking to the future, she hopes to extend this to the community by hosting small classes or gathering dedicated to making delicious and beautiful treats.

You can find and enjoy Starcher’s work at The Little Dipper Café’ & Bakery at 94 Bridge Street Monday-Saturday, and see her beautiful cakes at