Mountain: Home

Summer 2016

stay dkeyserD*signs Gallery and Sign Shop is situated in a beautifully restored brick, wood, steel and glass shack-i-tecture style gallery in the heart of Twisp and it is home to artist Donna Keyser’s stunning work. Her commanding landscape paintings, currently a series of mountains, both familiar and mythic, grace the walls. Donna has developed a process of painting with acrylic on wood, alternating layers of painting on and sanding it off that accentuates the wood and creates an old world luminosity. The large, typically vertical paintings are of a size and scale to invite entry, a door into a familiar yet emotionally charged relationship to our dynamic valley.

The name D*Signs was chosen to emphasize Donna’s quest for aesthetically pleasing, well-designed local and regional objects for the home. Her selection is ever changing and include art in glass, metal, fiber, wood, stone and ceramics.

As if it were designed for the space, Laura Karcher adds her unique furniture made from reclaimed wood and found metal. Lamps and screens showcase her collection of exotic papers and skills as a woodworker who cut her teeth learning the precise art of a shoji making. She is also a member of the Winthrop Gallery, Bainbridge Arts and Craft Gallery and is featured at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds WA.

The back of the Gallery is devoted to Donna’s sign shop where she designs and fabricates signs and marketing materials, from logos to highway signage. Donna has 15 years’ experience creating large graphics for business, home or vehicle. You can see her work from Mazama to Leavenworth.

Donna Keyser’s is an avid ‘learner’, often on her own terms and in her own way… but formally she graduated Cum Laude with a degree in painting from Cornish College of the Arts. She also earned a certificate in scientific illustration from the University of Washington. She is a Gallery owner and co-curator, with Laura Karcher of THE GALLERY at Sun Mountain Lodge and has worked in museums throughout Washington as a graphic designer and exhibit preparator.

DATE: Hours, Wed- Sat, 10-3pm. LOCATION: D*signs, 109b Glover St, Twisp, Wa.