My Ancestors Taught Me

Mar 12-Apr 23, 2022


(The Thinker, Anita Yan Wong, Lingnan-style Chinese Painting.)

This is an exhibit about origin stories. In this case, our ancestry. We all have a beginning reverberating in our art. Sometimes this influence makes itself clear, sometimes it is only a hint. Our past, and that of our ancestors, comes through in the materials we use, the colors we combine, the scale of our work, and the techniques taught and utilized. My Ancestors Taught Me is your challenge to look back — to take time to create from the lens of your history, your people, your ancestors.

Artists were asked to show us how who they are today has been inspired by their history. To share their origin story with an element, an influence, or a form of art that comes from your family, tribe, community, or country.

We create from a place that isn’t often shared. Let’s celebrate what our ancestors have taught us.

The Confluence will hold an exhibit in The Community Gallery titled resilient at the same time.

DATES: Mar 12-Apr 23. LOCATION:  The Confluence, 104 S Glover St., Twisp, Wa.  INFO: 509-997-2787,