New CD by Local Musicians: Woebegoner

Winter, 2018.19

Woebegoner is a remixed and reimagined 2018 version of the original Woebegone album (2010). On the original album, Johnny Woebegone, played by Danbert Nobacon, was carrying shrapnel wedged in his vocal chords from a bomb blast that should have ended his life.

In the 2018 version, with the shrapnel finally removed, and his vocal chords nearly healed, Johnny teams up with the audacious Lilithiana Red (played by Kuinka’s Miranda Zickler) to retell the first parts of their story of love, loss and time travel from the base point of the decaying world of the early- to mid-21st century; always under the watchful eye of the privatized intel “inner surveillance” team of  Wade (played by Kira Wood Cramer) and Ross (played by Johnny Watson). The CD features musical support from Seattle’s, The Bad Things, and studio magic by Mell Dettmer.

Coming December 2018 on Verbal Burlesque Records, Twisp, WA.