Online Art Lessons with Cassie Stephens

Cassie Stephens is an elementary art teacher from Nashville, Tennessee who makes her art lessons available online as a resource to anyone seeking fun ways to teach art to their students or children. Along with currently creating weekly thematic content for students to participate in online, Cassie has also compiled a list of easy and fun projects for students to do at home. You can view the compiled list below along with a brief description and link to the lesson.

Monochromatic Self-Portrait (K-3rd grade)
Create mini-monochromatic self-portraits with paper and markers and learn how to draw a face.

A Colorful Village! (1st-4th grade)
Design a village filled with two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawn houses.

Romero-Britto Inspired Self-Portrait Project (1st-4th grade)
Colorful self-portraits filled with different patterns.

Chris Uphues Inspired Hearts (K-5th)
Create unique hearts filled with personality.

James Rizzi meets Vincent Van Gogh Cityscapes (1st-4th grade)
Design a cityscape with personality and a Van Gogh inspired sky.

Greg Mike Inspired Loud Mouth Project (K-4th grade)
Collage project based off of a fun, sketch inspired by Greg Mike’s “Larry Loud Mouth”.