Opportunities for Creators

No matter what, the arts will persist. Check out these opportunities for artists to continue to create in this period of social distancing.

Find more at https://artisttrust.org/opportunities/

Artists Up is connecting artists in Seattle, King County, and Washington State with mentors through Mentorly, an artist-owned and -operated online mentorship platform. This is a great opportunity for artists to hone their craft while practicing social distancing.

Artists who are awarded an Artists Up Mentorly Scholarship will receive four free online sessions with an artist-mentor of their choice. Applications will be accepted through May 27 and only take
10 – 20 minutes to complete.

Corona Portrait Project
Due May 31st

Can’t stop reading the news? Exhibitions been cancelled? Laid-off, hours cut back, not even sure what’s happening because everything is different today?

Be part of an online self-portrait exhibition. Read the guidelines and submission instructions carefully at coronaportrait.com, and then submit a high quality jpeg image. No entry fee.

The future is uncertain. Right now, the purpose of the Corona Portrait Project is to create and connect.

Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund
First Round Due June 1st

Adobe has established the $1M Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund to help visual creators stay on track and achieve their dreams. You can choose to apply for one of the following: a paid Adobe project commission or a grant for your own project.

Selected funded projects will receive a grant for anywhere between $500 and $5,000, with the amount to be determined by the selection committee. If you apply and are selected to work on a commission, you’ll receive between $500 and $5,000. The amount will be determined by the selection committee based on the length of the engagement and the scope of work.

Each selected artist will receive up to $8,600. The budget includes a $7,000 temporary art commission and a $200 stipend for each workshop attended up to $1,600.

Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Boot Camp
Due June 24th

The Office of Arts & Culture (ARTS) is offering a professional development and mentorship program for visual artists who are interested in the public art realm but have never done work in the field before. Artists will be selected through a competitive process to participate in a series of workshops, seminars, and mentorship meetings focused on the public art practice which will culminate in a commission for a temporary public artwork. 

Public Art Boot Camp is open to artists currently living in Washington or Oregon state who have not received a temporary or permanent public art commission over $5,000

The MAC Fellowship Program 
Due August 12

The MAC Fellowship Program from The Robert B. McMillen Foundation is designed to recognize and empower highly-motivated emerging and mid-career artists looking to transition from undiscovered to established, self-sustaining professionals. Aside from artistic merit, artistic excellence, and providing funding to help ensure artists thrive, the Foundation’s Fellowship Program looks to deepen personal connections with individual artists for the purposes of sending out ripples into communities, cities, and our great state. Artists are compensated at different levels: $10,000, $5,000 and Emerging Artist Recognition.

UFL College of Art in Medicine’s COVID-19 Artist Response

Contribute to an open-access repository to help professionals leverage creativity and the arts to develop effective responses to COVID-19. 

We are calling on people to add to and use these replicable examples to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and improve quality of life for all communities now, and in the future.