Paper Light at Methow Gallery

Summer 2016

methow gallery, karcher (2)Paper: beautiful, versatile, sensuous paper. That’s the new focus of the Methow Gallery located in the South Warehouse at TwispWorks. Artist and woodworker Laura Karcher has created a space devoted to translucent, decorative papers; the material that sparked her imagination 25 years ago when she began her woodworking career at a Hana Shoji in Alameda California.

Since then she’s continued to make screens and lamps, adding furniture to her repertoire and cabinetry too. Karcher’s move to the Methow Valley inspired a return to lamp-making…with a fervor! New materials and a burst of creative energy sent her in myriad creative directions. Now she wants to share her knowledge, her store of beautiful paper and have fun with anyone interested in making, using or learning about paper.

Karcher has filler her cozy gallery with displays and drawers full of paper; warm reds and yellow, cool blues and greens, earth tones, laces and “inclusions” which include grass, flowers, leaves and seeds. These papers can be used in lamps and screens or made into decorative hangings for windows and walls.

Karcher, with help of experienced paper-maker Kari Bown, has reconfigured Methow Gallery as a studio offering classes in paper-making. After completing a class participants will have the skills to make paper at home or use open studio time at Methow Gallery to hone their skills or work on specific projects.

An old Japanese expression calls a sheet of paper ‘the mirror of the soul’. Methow Gallery invites you to find or make the paper that mirror’s your soul, and discover the perfect way to make it a part of your home.

Paper, Methow Gallery, Keyser

Methow Gallery is located on the TwispWorks campus, 502 S. Glover Street Twisp, South Warehouse. Open on Saturdays from 10-3 or by appointment.