Mar 12-Apr 23, 2022

(The mixed method weaving and macrame of Paige Reyes is featured in The Confluence Community Gallery. resilient is on display from March 12 through April 23.)

In this collection, Paige Reyes of Knotted Pines Studio, a Mestisa CHamoru artist, mother and advocate, gleans lessons from the cyclical resilience of the Land after a wildfire burn. Utilizing mixed methods of macrame and weaving, Paige mimics the textures and lines of the Lands that hold us, nurture us, and encourage us to remember our own resilience.

The Confluence will hold an exhibit in The Main Gallery titled My Ancestors Taught Me at the same time.

DATES: Mar 12-Apr 23. LOCATION:  The Confluence, 104 S Glover St., Twisp, WA. INFO: 509-997-2787,