Room One Bowl Painting

Sat, May 24, 2014 10am-1pm

TwispWorks_BowlPainting_DonnaKeyser (2)Room One will kick-off their bowl painting fundraiser this year during TwispWorks’ first Open Studio Saturdays, May 24, from 10am-1pm. This will be a great chance to paint with on-campus artists, as well as shop and tour the studios of the vibrant artist community here.

For the last 8 years, nonprofit health and social service center Room One has asked community members as well as artists to  paint bowls for their Soup Dinner fundraiser. This is Room One’s biggest fundraiser each year, as well as chance for community members to come together for important social discussions over a homemade bowl of soup.


So come down to TwispWorks on Saturday to paint your bowl–all supplies provided!

TwispWorks_BowlPainting_Group (2)


Contact TwispWorks @ 509-997-3300 or