Sherry Malotte

Frozen----From-the-Dangers-of-Flowers-Series.jpg-webMethow Photo Arts

Sherry Malotte is a photographer and artist who finds magic in working with animals, nature, abstract imagery and architecture. She often mixes media by adding pastels, pencil, wax or paint to her prints but there is always a photographic element. Sherry employs slow shutter speed and movement techniques to make bold, colorful, abstract images that evoke wonder and curiosity.

When asked about her choice of medium Sherry explains, “I rarely find the right words to describe why photography is my medium. I know when my images portray the idea I had in mind, I get an undeniable physical sensation in my stomach. It elicits a thrill and a high that is matched by nothing else in life. I specialize in Fine Art Photography with a special flare and interest in abstract and mixed media work.”

Visit Sherry’s studio in the South Warehouse, Building #10, on the TwispWorks campus. Open Saturdays through October and by appointment.

Contact Sherry:  360-303-2076, Find her on Instagram @sherrymalottephoto and online:

(Photograph, Sherry Malotte, ‘Frozen’, from the Dangers of Flowers Series.)