Shrines, Altars & Sacred Objects

Reception, Sat Oct 4, 5-7pm, Exhibit, Oct 1-Nov 24, 2014

Fence Post Shrine by Laura Karcher

Fence Post Shrine by Laura Karcher

“Every childhood has its talismans, the sacred objects that look innocuous enough to the outside world, but that trigger an onslaught of vivid memories when the grown child confronts them.”–Steven Johnson

In October the Winthrop Gallery presents a show of artworks that explore and celebrate our spiritual natures. The places and objects that hold special meaning either through association with the past or by simply causing us to experience a sense of awe. Art that inspires contemplation. This show by the member artists of this co-op gallery includes paintings, photographs, ceramics, fabric arts and more.

Fall hours are 10am-5pm, Thursday-Monday.

DATES: Exhibit, Oct 1-Nov 24. Reception, Sat, Oct 4, 5-7pm, refreshments will be served. LOCATION: The Winthrop Gallery, 237 Riverside. CONTACT: 509.996.3925