Something In The Wind

Sept 29-Nov 13, 2021

(I am the Wind, Amber Zimmerman.)

A show about the air element… Let’s honor our air element and the winds that circulate around us. We imagine a show of transition, alteration, things moved by the wind – trees, leaves, and clouds; fire and smoke; kites and hot-air balloons; even rain and snow, migrating and soaring birds, and wind-blown people. We envision depictions of the unseen air, the very breath we breathe – the elemental qualities that make their power known through their effects on other things.

Curators, Cheryl Wrangle & Marcy Stamper

(Acrylic painting by Ria Harboe.)

A complementary exhibit will be featured in the Community Gallery at the same time, The Work of Patty Yates.

DATES: Sept 29-Nov 13. LOCATION/CONTACT: Confluence Gallery, 104 S Glover St., Twisp, WA., 509-997-2787.