Stardust to Darwinstuff, by Danbert Nobacon & The Axis of Dissent

Spring 2017

With the arts and science currently danbertunder attack by the cabal of depots ensconced in Donald Trump’s White House  Danbert Nobacon & The Axis of Dissent release a timely new album entitled Stardust to Darwinstuff on April 21st 2017.
Thematically the album takes a stab at consilience between science and the arts as twin explorers of the human condition and weighs contemporary discussion from the field of bio-poetics,  suggesting the arts are adaptive for our species. “At the very least the arts will be an important tool for ‘we the people’  to resist the coup d’etat that currently governs the US ‘of the billionaires, by the billionaires and for the billionaires,” says Nobacon.
 The sixteen track album is Nobacon’s first in seven years, meaning most of the songs were written whilst he has been living here in the Methow. It features three other local musicians  Annie, Emmenegger, Anna Dooley and Holly Brielle as well as Miranda Zickler from Rabbit Wilde and Nobacon’s usual suspects The Bad Things et al from Seattle. He describes the sound as ”rock, pop, darwinpunk, atlanticana”
Limited hard copy CD release and widely available available at regular digital outlets