Subject to Change, Mark Easton

Opening Reception, Sat, Aug 14, 5-7pm. Exhibit, Aug 14-Sept 25, 2021

“When I was asked for a title to my upcoming solo show, I knew whatever I came up with would be ‘subject to change’. Upon reflection, I realized that everything I do and am is subject to change, especially in these times and especially with my art,” says Mark Easton.

“Change is the only constant in my art. I start with an idea, color, or vibe, which then becomes a conversation, which then ends up a journey long after the last brush stroke. These days, climate catastrophe, pandemic, family, humanity, space, peace, and love are informing my art. I am also finding it harder to create art in these times – that it is a more difficult journey requiring more of my soul. But, hopefully, each painting becomes a portal, a space to breathe, for myself and you. What you see is yours and yours alone.

If I could write eloquently to explain my art, the reasons I paint, what I am attempting to capture, then I would be a writer, not a painter.”

There will be a second exhibit, “Cascadia, Flore & Fauna of the Pacific Northwest” in the main Gallery, which will open at the same time.

DATES: Opening Reception, Sat, Aug 14, 5-7pm. Exhibit, Aug 14-Sept 25. LOCATION/CONTACT: Confluence Gallery, 104 S Glover St., Twisp, WA., 509-997-2787.