Summer Art Activities

Summer 2020

Methow Arts has put together 10 fun, summer art activities that you can do with children ages 5-8 years. Each activity features a free downloadable PDF lesson to keep your child creative and outside during the summer months.

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Summer Art Activity #1: Mud Paintings

Create mud paintings and learn about earthworms.

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Summer Art Activity #2: Nature Bugs

Create bugs out of found objects in nature and learn about bugs.

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Summer Art Activity #3: Sun-Melted Crayon Art

Create sun-melted crayon sculptures and get moving with a sun salutation.

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Summer Art Activity #4: Textured Paint Butterflies

Create your own colorful butterfly by collaging together textured painted paper.

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Summer Art Activity #5: Chlorophyll Rubbings

Learn about chlorophyll and use it to create green rubbings on paper.

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Summer Art Activity #6: Painting with Bubbles

Create textures in paint by blowing bubbles!

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Summer Activity #7: Kindness Rocks

Paint rocks with images & colors to bring others joy.

Summer Activity #8: Rainbow Fish Art

Create a fish with colorful scales from a paper plate and paint inspired by Mark Pfister’s book The Rainbow Fish.

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Summer Activity #9: Tinfoil Stars

Make shimmery, colorful tinfoil stars inspired by Eric Carle’s Draw Me a Star.

Summer Activity #10: Puffy Paint Moon

Use shaving cream to whip up some puffy paint to create your own textured moon with craters.

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