Supaman School Reviews from Outreach Performances

Arts Education Spotlight


Overall, how would you describe the performance?

  • We could not have asked for a more relevant meaningful presentation for our student body.
  • He had a great message, related to the kids well, and showcased the Native American culture in a positive way.
  • Wonderful performance – relevant to our population – love the way he could always pull the crowd back with a simple reminder.
  • Great performance all the way around! The kids were so engaged and attentive! This is not an easy thing to accomplish with our students.
  • Engaging, culturally enlightening…worked against stereotype!

What, if anything, do you think your students will take away from this performance?

  • That even if you have a hard life you can still be successful. For my Native students this was a great opportunity to see themselves in a successful person.
  • His story-the students were amazed that his parents were alcoholics just like some of their own, his singing and dancing inspired them.
  • The performance was uplifting. Taking negative situations and turning them into positive outcomes to strengthen self and others is a message that is worthwhile and should be promoted more with our youth.
  • HOPE! NATIVE PRIDE! COURAGE! POSITIVE SELF IMAGE! SENSE OF BELONGING AND IMPORTANCE..There is so much to list, as the power of a young person speaking and teaching other young can touch all aspects mind heart and soul.
  • 1. That you can do “cool” stuff if you set a goal 2. That he was against drugs and alcohol 3. That his dancing was excellent 4. That prayer and culture was important to him. 5. AND that he was willing to stay and talk with families and take pictures. 6. He wore his regalia to the national awards ceremony. I think kids left feeling proud of their culture
  • That he came from nothing, made choices that could help heal him, and is doing work that he loves.
  • So many messages! “Be awesome,” “Make good choices,” “Don’t drink or do drugs;” I loved the analogy of drugs and alcohol like being a rattlesnake…great stuff!!
  • His message of positivity, pride in self, and laughter being a good thing!
  • The bridging of Native and Latino cultures-
  • Every word he spoke was directed to the hearts of these kids and I think they needed to hear they weren’t alone. We all have problems we deal with but if we try hard we can make it!!!!


What, if anything, was the most valuable aspect of the performance?

  • The most valuable aspect of the performance was the reinforcement of prayer and respect. I appreciated how he began with a prayer in his language and explained that we should start things in a good way and to be grateful for our experiences together and show respect for one another.
  • The interaction with a power role model, the message of HOPE and COURAGE. The modeling of RESPECT, and the integration of Native Americans reverence and fearless protection of prayer and all things creator gave us.
  • I think it is so powerful for our students to see a Native American who is healthy, passionate, and also successful in the eyes of society. He’s “cool”, and he has a good message.
  • He shared about is childhood and how he choose different than his parents. He was able to break the cycle of dysfunction.
  • After he connected with the students and modeled respect, they listed to his story. I think what he shared will be valuable for many years to come. Students need to hear that grownups have suffered or had their hearts broken. It helps them understand they aren’t alone and they can choose a different path.