The Big Sleep: Conversations on Finality

Sept 27-Nov 8, Opening Sat, Sept 27, 4-8pm, 2014

Confluence Gallery LogoThe Confluence Gallery has asked artists to determine and interpret their own feelings about the nature of death.  From honoring the life that was lived or the body that is left behind, to exploring the entity that carries on, to even contemplating the “death” of concepts or ideas (i.e. the death of innocence, civilizations, ideologies, etc.).

By presenting a small number of different interpretations and bringing the subject of death out into the open, curators Joanne Marracci and Vern White hope to give others permission to explore their own very personal, complex and contradictory attitudes towards death.  “By allowing its expression by artists of many mediums, we hope to ignite dialogue about the infinite perspectives of this intimate yet universal subject,” says Joanne.

DATES: Sept 27-Nov 8. Opening, Sat, Sept 27, 4-8pm. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp. CONTACT: 509.997.2787