The Opposite of Entropy

Sept 24-Nov 24, Opening Reception Sept 24, 5-7pm, 2022

This exhibit aims to demonstrate that modern, nonrepresentational art is, despite assumptions to the contrary, among the highest forms of artistic expression, a culmination of creative order, as opposed to a manifestation of chaos. Viewers of this show will leave the gallery with a fresh appreciation for the talent and skill instrumental to the birth of the pieces featured in this show.

Especially fitting for this show is the gallery partnership with the nonprofit Fire Adapted Methow Valley, which aims to aid residents with fire-wise adaptations to their homes. Fire is a vehicle of entropy, and FAMV aims to prevent fire from wreaking entropy upon Methow Valley residents.

This exhibit is held at the same time as Someone Familiar with Leslie Lanthorn. Click here for more information.

DATE: Sept 24-Nov 12, Opening Reception, Sat, Sept 24, 5-7pm. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA. INFO/CONTACT: 509-997-2787.