Zane Grubb on Cooking and Inspiration


By Rylee Langton

There is a misconception that what inspires someone has to hold some level of inspiration for everyone. Artists have to be inspired by the Originals and the Greats. When in reality the things that truly inspire us often start small and it is our curiosity that compiles those sparks into a bonfire.

Zane Grubb is a senior at Liberty Bell High School and also a culinary artist. He may not sure those exact words to describe himself but after having a chat with him about food, inspiration, and the valley there is no other way to put it.

When asked what inspired his passion for food Zane replied without skipping a beat “there is this cartoon I use to watch as a kid, Chowder…They were always just putting things together and coming up with dishes and it looked like fun. I asked Mom if I could help her in the kitchen. I started asking to add things just to see what they would taste like. One time my brother and I even made chocolate soup, all because we were thought ‘hmm we’ve never had chocolate soup before.’” Zane has grown but his playfulness and outlook towards food hasn’t. When asked about his culinary goals he started to mention a restaurant but after a pause expressed his real food goals, “to have fun.” “I was trying to make cookies the other day and I messed up somewhere and they turned into scones, Scookies!” Zane finds fun in the mistakes he makes along the way, fully aware they are a part of the process but also reveling in his new creations.

Zane took over the kitchen, at Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop, for his senior project, in February.  He said they helped him through the whole process, taught him how to order everything he would need and gave him that dose of real-life-kitchen he had yet to have. When asked what the big difference between cooking at home and cooking for a restaurant was he said, “Plating. At home you can throw things on a plate and everyone is going to eat it because it tastes good. At a restaurant everything has to look nice AND taste nice.”

Who inspires you? “Definitely my Mom, she’s a great cook and she let me get in the kitchen and mess around.” The inspiration of a home cooked meal cannot be overlooked. A cartoon, experiments and homemade meals, inspiration is in the little things.