Transitioning your Art Business Online

Right now, the internet is the best tool for connecting with customers, students, and communities. Here are some resources for developing and improving your digital business:

How to Keep Moving Forward

How Artists are Dealing with Corona Virus Cancellations
With so much instability in the world, everyone is in a different place with their artistic practice and business right now. This article from Artwork Archive’s blog offers insight into what other artists are doing with this unique time, including using their skills to contribute, creating connections, and planning for the future.

Selling and Marketing Online

Strategies for Running an Art Business During COVID 19 Artwork Archive
Artwork Archive recently hosted a webinar with practical and actionable suggestions for moving your art business online.

Digital Tools for Artists to Run a Remote Career During Coronavirus
Sometimes the amount of options for working digitally can be overwhelming. This article from Artwork Archive’s blog suggests tools for videoconferencing, selling online, running your business, staying productive, and tackling social media.

Photographing Art with an iPhone
A guide from Will Kemp Art School addressing some of the most common issues with photographing art with your iPhone, and the simplest way to fix them.

How to Take Good Instagram Photos with your Phone
Learning how to take good photos on your phone requires understanding some basic principles of composition and lighting, and honing your own instincts as a photographer. Learn a few simple rules to achieve this with advice from Hootsuite.

Teaching Art Online

How to Teach Art Online
With many schools transitioning to remote classrooms, RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu provides 5 essential tips for teaching art online. The webinar is mainly geared toward classroom art teachers, but anyone can learn from her tips about platforms to use, how to live stream,  and best practices for keeping students engaged. Watch the YouTube video (above), or read the article: Teaching & Learning Art Online: For Teachers.

How to Host an Online Art Workshop
While you may not be able to teach in person for the coming months, you can use your skills to create classes online and provide valuable experiences through art workshops.Whether you are an old hand at teaching art courses, or you are looking to mix up your art business strategy, sharpen your digital teaching skills with this practical guide from Artwork Archive on how to host an online art workshop. 

Free Art Resources for Kids K-6
Check out Methow Arts’ ART Pages for weekly lesson plans that can easily be done at home and with basic resources.


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