Valley Goods: Celebrating Okanogan County Artists Year-Round!

February, 2021

Launched on the TwispWorks’ campus last November Valley Goods serves as a year-round showcase for local artists, makers, and crafters.  

Open 6 days per week, and featuring one-of-a-kind products from more than 70 vendors, the store has become a welcoming space for people looking to shop local and has become an important source of income for many Methow Valley micro-businesses. With holiday bazaars and markets closed due to COVID, Valley Goods played a critical role providing a retail opportunity during the important holiday sales season. In just its first 6-weeks of operations, Valley Goods paid out over $45,000 in commissions!

Manager Lindsey Bryson is excited to carry this success forward in 2021 as she continues to welcome and promote new artists. She also has plans for special events to take place at the store aligned to health and safety guidelines. If you are an Okanogan-based artist, maker or producer and you’re interested in learning more about Valley Goods, please email Lindsey at LBryson@TwispWorks.Org. 

Valley Goods is brought to you by Methow Made, a marketing program that gives local artists, makers, producers, and micro-manufacturers exposure to customers who love the Methow Valley and want to support our local economy. For more information on the Methow Made program visit

LOCATION/HOURS: Valley Goods is located on the TwispWorks campus in the South Warehouse, Building #10. Open Monday through Saturday 11AM-4PM. CONTACT:,