Weatherbound, Perri Howard Exhibit Opening

August 24, 5-7PM, 2019

International Residency for the Arts in New Brunswick, Canada.

“Weatherbound” is inspired by the landforms and seascapes of the Bay of Fundy – a region that is deeply animated by extreme tides, maritime history, and heavy weather. Perri traveled to New Brunswick as an Artist-In-Residence to investigate the relationship between climate change and sense of place. “I sought to examine the stresses on
various systems, but also to witness the new patterns of movement, growth, and resilience that are arising and adapting to these changing conditions” said Perri. “The work is a charting or mapping of sites and situations, from the
mundane to the sublime. Our perceptions rarely stray far from our sense of place.”

DATE: Opening Reception August 24, 5-7PM @Confluence Gallery LOCATION: Confluence Gallery Glover St Twisp, WA CONTACT:, 509-997-4004.