Wenatchee Artwalk features Methow Artists & Moses Coulee Landscapes

June 7, 2019

Photograph taken at Moses Coulee. Courtesy of the Nature Conservancy.

The Nature Conservancy of Wenatchee features Methow Valley artists, among others, in their open house during Wenatchee’s First Friday Artwalk on June 7th, 5-8pm. Donna Keyser, a Twisp artist, showcases her plein aire work as part of a group of North Central Washington artists and highlights the 35,000-acre Nature Conservancy land holding at Moses Coulee.

The show follows a planned artist weekend on the Moses Coulee Conservation land just south of Quincy.  Coordinator Kmbris Bond of Wenatchee invited over a dozen regional artists for a weekend there. “The property had at one time been a B&B and we all stayed there, cooked meals together, and then painted,” said Kmbris. “We offered to house the artists for one weekend in exchange for an art show in 2019 based on the experience.”

The Conservation land is known as the Moses Coulee and McCartney Creek Preserve, a 35,000-acre parcel on the shrub steppe. Purchased in the late 90s, the property today serves as a field station for scientists studying local wildlife including pygmy rabbits and sage grouse.

Artwork created is a compilation of plein air studies as well as finished works. Donna Keyser’s work joins that of artists Jan Cook Mack, Ron McGuaghey, Diana Sanford and Gene Barkley to name a few.  

The Wenatchee First Fridays Art Walk which will showcase the exhibit also includes many downtown art galleries and venues including Two Rivers Gallery, Radar Station, Lemolo and Wenatchee Valley Colleges MAC Gallery.

Most of the featured artists will be on hand to discuss their work and the experience. Light snacks will be served to keep up energy for the art walk.For more information find Wenatchee First Fridays on Facebook.

DATE: Fri, June 7, 5-8pm. LOCATION: The Nature Conservancy, 115 Orondo St., Wenatchee, WA. CONTACT: donna.keyser@gmail.com