Westendorf Jazz Trio

Mar 9, 2019


Cascadia Music presents: a magical evening of Local Jazz, refreshments and the poetry of Mary Oliver.Featuring: Lynette Westendorf’s latest ensemble, the Westendorf Jazz Trio.  Introducing: Marcus Duke

Quartet.The Marcus Duke Quartet performs contemporary instrumental music, with a mix of original compositions by Marcus and covers by such artists as Wayne Shorter, Cannonball Adderley, Abdullah Ibraham, Joni Mitchell, Ralph Towner, and Don Grolnick. Their music combines tight, dynamic arrangements with lots of improvisations, and no two sets sound alike. For more info, see marcusduke.com.

Members of the Westendorf Jazz Trio are Lynette Westendorf on piano, Howie Johnson on bass, and Kirk Schumacher on drums. The trio has been together for over a year and with regular rehearsals and performances, the three have developed a collective improvisational technique atypical of most small jazz ensembles. All three members of the trio bring years of experience to the stage with them.  

The Westendorf  Jazz Trio will bring both collective and individual compositions to the stage for their March 9 concert. They are exploring a variety of metric, textural, and melodic elements of collective improvisation, including new takes on jazz standards, in additional to their new original material. Their goal is expression and communication, among themselves, and with the audience. Their enjoyment of the process is infectious and genuine.According to Lynette, “My ideal performance would be that any one of us could begin any one of our songs at any time, and the other two would know where to come in and where to go. In a way, I love getting lost in an improvisation—it’s like getting lost in the woods. It’s always fun to find the way out again.”

DATE: Mar 9, 2019. TIME: 7pm LOCATION: Methow Valley Community Center TICKETS: $15 adults, $1 students. INFO: http://www.cascadiamusic.org/