Winter Jazz at the Merc

Jan 14, 2014

Lynette Westendorff, Annual Birthjazz-Sun-Ra_WEBday Event

Winter Jazz at the Merc is back in 2014, with a three-event series directed by pianist and composer Lynette Westendorf, in collaboration with Terry Hunt. Dates for the series are Tuesday, January 14; Friday, February 22; and Saturday March 28.

All events will feature Wenatchee musicians Steve Sanders and Mike Conrad on bass and drums, along with Lynette and Terry on piano and guitar. Throughout the series, other local and regional musicians will be joining the ensemble, including Mike Harvey on trombone, Wayne Mendro on horns, Bob Hougham on trumpet, with guest appearances by the Pipestone Jazz Ensemble, Laura Love, and others.

Various musical surprises are in store this series. In addition to the creative and eclectic compositions by members of the ensemble, one event will feature a jazz take on classical music. Watch the newspaper and events calendars for details of the individual concerts and performers.

DATES: Jan 14, Feb 22 and Sat 28. TICKETS: $15/adults, $5/youth. LOCATION: The Merc Playhouse, Twisp. CONTACT: LOCATION: The Merc Playhouse, 101 S. Glover St, Twisp; Call Lynette, 509.996.3418.