Wish You Were Here

Jan 15-Mar 6, 2021

As we navigate this new world of isolation, Wish You Were Here invited artists to dream of times past or future. This show is a love letter to the life we once lived and the life we hope to live after the virus has been contained. Artists show visions of places they hope to see, connections they’ve missed, and feelings they can’t wait to chase again. Artists are invited to let the imagination travel beyond the present and into a future world that they know is waiting for you, and all of us. (Artwork, work in progress painting by Janet Fagan, oil on paper.)

Curators –  Mandy  Shoger & Joanne  Marracci.

DATES: Jan 16-Mar 6. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA. CONTACT: www.confluencegallery.com