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The Methow Investment Network supports local Artists


Recognizing that one of the biggest challenges artists and other entrepreneurs face is access to capital, TwispWorks started the Methow Investment Network (MIN) in 2017. The MIN connects community members interested in investing locally with Methow Valley entrepreneurs needing capital to start or grow their business. The program moves money ‘from Wall Street to Main Street’… [Read More]

Fireweed Print Shop


Laura Gunnip continues in the tradition of Door No. 3 Print Studio by helping students of all ages engage in the radical act of creative self-knowledge through letterpress and printmaking classes. Fireweed Print Shop is a community resource and home to two etching presses, antique letterpresses and screen printing facilities, as well as a retail… [Read More]

Methow Arts: 5th Graders Explore Ekphrastic Writing

February 2019

By Ashley Lodato, Arts Education Director – Methow Arts Alliance If you’ve ever read an essay inspired by a painting, or listened to a song prompted by a poem, or watched a dance influenced by a sculpture, then you’ve experienced ekphrasis. Ekphrasis is the practice of exploring a piece of art through the lens of a different medium, to… [Read More]

Movie Lineup at Barnyard Cinema through February 20

Through Feb 20, 2019

 Visit Barnyard Cinema for tickets and showtimes. Mary Poppins Returns Friday 12 pm Saturday 3 pm Sunday 12:30 pm Monday 12 pm Tuesday 2:45 pm Thursday 4:30 pm OSCAR SHORTS: DOCUMENTARY Friday 3 pm Saturday 12 pm Thursday 7:15 pm 2019 OSCAR® SHORTS PRE-NOMINATION TRAILER COLD WAR Friday 6 pm Saturday 6 pm Sunday 3:15… [Read More]

Gregg Caudell Catches a Painting

Spring 2019

by Susan Donahue Like the avid fly fisherman that he is, artist Gregg Caudell has many tales to tell. When he goes fishing, he says if he doesn’t catch a fish, he may “catch a painting.” Every fishing hole is a good painting, he says. In his long painting life, he has caught many paintings.… [Read More]

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