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Movie Lineup at Barnyard Cinema through Wednesday 2, October

Through October 2, 2019

Barnyard Website Anthropocene: The Human Epoch TBC Filmmakers travel to six continents and 20 countries to document the impact humans have made on the planet. Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky and Nicholas de Pencier. Wednesday 25, September 7:00 PM Ex Libris: New York Public Library In this, the 42nd documentary by Frederick Wiseman (recipient… [Read More]

The M.V.I.C Presents, Remembering the Old Ways

Sunday, September 29, at 5PM

Indian Rancher and Methow descendant, Jimmy Timentwa shares stories from his mother, Julliane Michelle and father Alexander Jack Timentwa. His paternal grandparents were Louis and Rosalie Timentwa. Louis was chief of the Lower Okanogan. Jimmy has run his family ranch on the Colville Reservation for over four decades. Jimmy shares stories of a time when… [Read More]

Winthrop Gallery: Coach or Mentor?

Fall 2019

Written by artist Paula Christen Today we are hearing the words “Coach” and “Mentor” used frequently. Both are a valuable resource, not just for sports or business tycoons. There are thousands of links and invitations to sign up for these. So, what is the difference? Do I want or need one? Sometimes the terms are… [Read More]

One River: Many Voices

Sat, Oct 19, 1-3pm workshop and Sun, Oct 20, 10-noon workshop, 2019

A project, by WA State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna, to travel the length of the Columbia River as it winds through WA State on its way to the ocean holding poetry readings and writing workshops. Sign up for her free workshop (1-3pm) and a reading (4pm) in Pateros and workshop at Methow Arts in… [Read More]

A Brief History of Encaustic Painting

Fall 2019

Encaustikos, a Greek word that means “to burn in or fuse” is a combination of beeswax and resin, a tree sap. Due to its excellent preservative qualities the Greeks used it to weatherproof their ships as early as the 5th century BC. Pigmenting the wax allowed them to decorate war and merchant ships. (Artwork, Summer… [Read More]

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