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Better watch out: Yeti-Claus came to town

Winter 2020.21

Like his more conventional namesake, Yeti-Claus appeared in the night, while not a creature was stirring to see him make his grand entrance. But unlike Santa, Yeti-Claus has remained in Twisp past Christmas and into the new year. The brainchild of artists Bryan Putnam (who owns Twisp’s Printmade Apparel Co. and Pinetooth Press) and Jessica… [Read More]

Studio A

STUDIO A is a PROJECT OF METHOW ARTS ALLIANCE. In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and school closures, Methow Arts continues to reach students across the County via in-person and remote art lessons. Remote lessons consist of innovative arts education videos filmed weekly for grades k-6 found online at methowarts.org/arts-videos-grades k-6. All videos are filmed… [Read More]

Artists and Patrons II, Kathy Meyers

Winter 2020.21

Kathy and Jim Meyers pulled up outside of the Confluence Gallery one snowy winter day in the late 90’s. Kathy was looking for a place to sell her artwork in the Methow Valley so they just dropped by, cold called if you will, at the Gallery. She was impressed that Sybil Macapia, Confluence’s director, took… [Read More]

Our Nations Spaces Project

Winter 2020.21

The “Our Nations Spaces” Project is a four part video series to feature 13 Performing Artists from Washington State. PART 1 – features singer/songwriter Tony Louie, traditional singer/culture bearer Scarbo Marchand, and singer/songwriter Two Shields Hale. This project is made possible by Northwest Native Development Fund, in partnership with First Peoples Fund. (Creative Directors, Roxanne… [Read More]

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