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The Art of Poetry

tori hull cover page

In the winter of 2017, Brewster 5th graders participated in a 5-week poetry residency, working with Methow Arts teaching poet Kelleigh McMillan. Students became familiar with “painting pictures with words” and with relating their emotions to the natural world. Each week they experimented with a different poetic concept: simile, metaphor, free verse, stanza, etc. Students wrote poems… [Read More]

Methow Kids’ Fishing Day 2017

Sat, June 10, 10-2pm, 2017

dusten smith

WATER PROVIDES Partnership blends art and environmental education for interdisciplinary learning An original block print design by Methow Valley sixth grade student Dusten Smith will be featured on t-shirts commemorating the 2017 Methow Kids’ Free Fishing Day, which is part of National Fishing and Boating Week. Additional designs were chosen to be featured on posters that… [Read More]

Launch Party for Corinna Luyken’s ‘The Book of Mistakes’

May 20, 10am


Every mistake we make has the potential to become something truly uplifting if we can look at it with a little bit of humor and ingenuity. In Corinna Luyken’s THE BOOK OF MISTAKES an artist learns about the creative process and the way in which “mistakes” can blossom into beautiful inspiration in this memorable debut.… [Read More]

Door No. 3 finds power in the past, brings ideas for the future

Summer 2017


Most of us haven’t picked up the Sunday Times and caught ourselves up on world events in quite some time. Although the face of newspapers may have changed, their importance remains. Recently, Door No. 3 was able to save a bit of newspaper history by giving a home to several typefaces and other equipment courtesy… [Read More]

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