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Deaf students experience music at Methow Arts school performances

sign language interpreter

 by Ashley Lodato, Education Director for Methow Arts At Brewster Elementary School, music assemblies are always bilingual, thanks to the skills of sign language interpreter Gail Brand. So whether students are deaf or hard of hearing, they can still experience the performances Methow Arts brings into the six schools in the Okanogan County Arts Education… [Read More]

WINTHROP GALLERY: You Don’t Have to Go it Alone…

WG web

Emerging artists – you know who you are; the ones who have been working on their creations secretively and in their spare time. You have given away many of your pieces of art already. There are no more relatives left on which to bestow the next masterpiece. So you wonder, are you ready to start… [Read More]

The Winthrop Gallery Welcomes Susan Donahue

WG.Garden Shed With Icicles by Susan Donahue

Meet the Winthrop Gallery’s newest co-op member, oil painter Susan Donahue. Susan paints landscapes of the Methow Valley and other places that she visits.  She also paints still lifes.  “In my landscape paintings, I present a specific time and place so that the viewer can have an emotional response to the scene similar to what… [Read More]

Lucid Glassworks


Samantha Carlin’s passion for glass started in the early 90s with an introductory stained-glass class. She continued creating stained glass pieces and in 2003 she was introduced to blown glass. Sam then trained in a production studio practicing the “offhand” style of glassblowing as a solo blower, a style that carries over into her work… [Read More]

Door No. 3 Print Studio presents: Calendar 2018

Door No 3 calendar web

                                            Door No. 3 Print Studio’s latest calendar bursts off the page in every color of the rainbow. Each month features a primary or complimentary color as depicted in the traditional color wheel–ranging from… [Read More]

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