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Madeline Luther performs poetry with passion

spring 2019

Okanogan High School junior Madeline Luther is the face of poetry for the Okanogan area this spring. As the newly-proclaimed Washington State Poetry Out Loud Champion, Madeline was one of 13 high school students to participate in the annual Washington State Poetry Out Loud competition, and rocked it, reciting her poems with poise, passion, and… [Read More]

Backstage with the Liberty Bell Drama Company

Spring 2019

by Ashley Lodato Education Director, Methow Arts Just imagine that you’re a high school drama class teacher in the tiny Methow Valley and you want to produce the musical “Chicago.” Your school is located in what many people would consider the middle of nowhere. Your class size is 30. The theater you’ll be performing in… [Read More]

Rhubarb Cranachan

Spring 2019

Recipe by Hannah Cordes http://www.bluekaleroad.com/search?q=cranachan Rhubarb Cranachan Yes, I have yet another fruit and cream dessert that I’m crazy for, and I’ve fallen rather hard.  It’s one of those “please take it away so I don’t eat the entire thing myself” types of desserts. In reading British cookbooks over the years, I often came across a rustic… [Read More]

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