Artists of the Methow Valley and beyond

Cindy Ruprecht

Wild Roots Designs

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964 C Twisp River Rd.
Twisp, WA 98856


  • Jewelry
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  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

About The Artist

 Respect and Honor for Nature, is the
through line in my work.  I have chosen
to explore lots of different mediums and develop my skills for future works of
incorporating mediums together.  I invite
the viewer to see the world through my lens of deep symbolism and personal
power. To feel the power and spirituality in Nature is very liberating. My
intention is that viewers will experience Nature in a deeper more profound way
and understand their connection to it. My background is studying primitive
technology and primitive art of native cultures around the world. These folks
had a very intimate relation with Nature and their lives depended upon it. I
bring this ancestral knowledge forward into the present day as part of the
depth in my work.  Knowledge of materials
and process is a large part of my pieces. My intention is to heal the relationship
between humans and Nature, as we are part of nature, and therefore healing both
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