Artists of the Methow Valley and beyond

Deirdre Cassidy


  • dcassidy2589[at]


  • Clay
  • Drawing
  • Methow Arts Education Residency
  • Other
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

About The Artist

Being in the outdoors is my all time favorite thing to do
whether it’s going for a walk, gardening, riding my bike, skiing, or hiking. I
feel invigorated when I’m outside and always in awe of the beauty of the
natural world. Hiking to a gorgeous spot, sitting quietly listening to the
birds and feeling a breeze on my face inspires me to record my surroundings.
Sitting for the length of time it takes to do a painting makes me keenly aware
of my environment and helps me to pay attention to details. I take pleasure in watching
a cloud change color and shape or how its shadow races across a hillside. It
arouses my creativity and I enjoy trying to record that moment. It’s gratifying
and challenging to try to capture the way light illuminates objects. I always
feel refreshed after a painting session – it helps to relax me and gives me a
great excuse to be outdoors.

I’ve spent the last 30 years living in various mountain towns teaching and inspiring young artists as an art teacher. I’ve taught many media including: drawing, painting, mosaic, sculpture, photography, ceramics to name a few. I recently have started a matting and framing business out of my home in Winthrop, Washington which has helped motivate me to frame my own art and “get it out there”.