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Denny O'Callaghan

Dennis O'Callaghan Photography

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About The Artist

I started photography 45 years ago, in my days of mountaineering.  The photos were mostly different climbing, backcountry skiing and backpacking.  It has slowly evolved into more fine art photos  mostly in the lines of nature and landscapes.

After moving to the beautiful Methow Valley when I retired from my Veterinary practice, I was faced with a plethora of nature and landscapes.  Enough to fill my everyday addiction of photographing most anything .  I live up on Studhorse Mountain facing the mountains, and can see all the weather changes and the advance of spring green and winter white.

Now showing year around in the Winthrop Gallery, it is a challenge to print, mat and frame all my picture for our every seven week change over.  But it is a job which is enjoyed and never ending.