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Ginger Reddington

Ponderosa Studio

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About The Artist

As an artist, I look for subject matter that both inspires and challenges me.  When I’m not painting, you will find me outdoors. Depending on the winter season, my husband Don and I are avid skiers, both Nordic and downhill and during the spring, summer and fall, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding lure us outside.  I’m never without my camera to capture the unusual and many times, it’s the everyday experience that is so wonderful.  We are fortunate to live in the Methow Valley of Central Washington, where the mountains are literally out my front door and there is no shortage of inspiration.

In the past I have used many different mediums, from pencil, watercolors and oils and I’m now working in a new style. I became intrigued with glue line scratchboard, a project I taught my many students. It was fun for them to do and the outcome was exciting for them. Because I wanted to create larger paintings with lots of color and movement ,through trial and error, I created a reverse scratchboard process that gives me an opportunity to work on big pieces, some as large as 4’ x 8’., I created a seven step process using acrylic paints, 3-D outline and waxes. My paintings now have a depth and jewel-like quality to the color that makes them very unique.  The subjects seem to come alive on the boards and the waxing technique really makes them jump right out. The physical layering process also enables me to work on several paintings at a time. 

My studio is in a constant state of controlled chaos with numerous paintings in different stages of completion.   I’ve been extremely satisfied with the results of this process and, as evidenced by the number of people drawn to my work, it’s become very popular with art patrons too.
You can view my newest works at the Twisp River Pub, in Twisp WA, Wenatchee WA and on my website, Please check my website, or email me, for the latest schedule of showings.

Interested in a painting you see on my website?  We ship anywhere in the world. Have a favorite subject you want to have immortalized? I love doing commissions and look forward to talking with you.  Prices currently range from $150 to $800 and sizes from 6” x 20” to 4’x8’. You can reach me via email at or my cell at 509.995.2471.