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Sailing away
Sailing away

Terry Olson

  • 509 670 8764
  • tlolson08[at]
16 Chokecherry rd.
Winthrop, WA 98862


  • Drawing
  • Glass Blowing
  • Metal
  • Sculpture
  • Woodworking

About The Artist

I began my artistic interests early in life drawing pictures of what I saw outside my classroom. That was at age 9. By age 10 I was being tutored by a neighbor who was a professional painter. I continued working in charcoal pencil and watercolor through high school.

I attended the U of W planning on being an illustrator graphic designer until Vietnam stepped in my path.

After touring with the Navy I continued my education at Central Washington and soon found I much preferred three dimensional art-sculpture and was happily on my way until one day they started a glass program. I went to check it out and was immediately hooked.

I continued working in glass through the Master’s program there. I built my first studio in Seattle in 1974, showing work in Bellevue, Pehlam, NY, NY City and Seattle.

Reality and family then changed my path and closed my studio. I continued in art working with etched glass and then architectural illustration. I moved to the Methow in 1993. A move I will never regret.

Eventually meeting Jeremy Newman and Laura Aspenwall, both glass artists. They gave me the opportunity for a second chance in glass. A passion missed for so many years is now alive and well in me!