3rd Grade Level

Lección 9: Spanish 3rd Grade ART At-Home

The Week of June 8, 2020

Cada semana  Methow Arts tiene clases fáciles de arte que se puede hacer en casa con su alumno o niño.  Se puede encontrar la descripción de cada lección abajo con una imagen y una lista de materiales.Haga clic en el titulo de cada lección para mirarla o para imprimirla en una versión PDF de la… [Read More]

Patterned Background with Self-Portrait (grades 2-6)

Spring 2021

Almost any kind of art looks beautiful with a patterned background behind it. If you’d like to create art in the style of artist Kehinde Wiley, create a self-portrait and place it on top of your patterned background. Make sure the patterned background is on a larger piece of paper than the self-portrait. STEP ONE:… [Read More]

The Gospel of Doubt Virtual Release

Sun, Mar 28, 7pm, 2021

Join Greg Wright, a member of the Confluence Poets, for this Zoom event as he discusses and reads from his new collection of “persona poems,” The Gospel of Doubt: Selected Poems of Simon Bar-Jonah.This 180-page hardback examines the experience of St. Peter as he apprentices with Jesus of Nazareth, and captures the full range of… [Read More]



Performing arts refers to art that is performed before an audience. Professionals usually focus on one aspect of art such as drama, dance or music. Others possessing craftsmanship or technical skills often fill supporting roles such as set designers or sound technicians. The performing arts include dance, music and theater. Many performing artists use their… [Read More]

Art Videos: Writing Lessons

School Year 2020.2021

Methow Arts teaching artists have created videos to help students build a foundation in the literary arts. The videos on this page focus on literary arts lessons. These lessons in these videos are intended to be facilitated by a teacher, parent, or other adult. Let us know what you think. Find more art activities, lessons… [Read More]


School Year 2020.2021

The Principles & Elements of Art are the building blocks upon which a piece of art is created. The visual art terms separate into the elements and principles of art. The elements of art are color, form, line, shape, space, and texture. The principles of art are scale, proportion, unity, variety, rhythm, mass, shape, space,… [Read More]

Art Videos – Public Art Tours

School Year 2020.2021

The communities served by Methow Arts are filled with public art pieces, ranging from sculpture to mural to chainsaw art! Led by local and regional teaching artists, our public art tours help you learn more about the artist who created the piece, what story the art might tell, the process behind creating the art. We… [Read More]

Art Videos – Grades K-6

School Year 2020.2021

Methow Arts has put together easy to use art videos made by our local and regional teaching artists. These videos are targeted at students in grades K-6 who are in remote learning situations. All videos have a suggested target grade, but depending on the child and the amount of parental support available, any given lesson… [Read More]

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