Public Art

AUGUST: Critters in the Rivers

August 2019

AUGUST FEATURES: Mountain Lions.  Mountain lions are ambush predators that eat mostly deer. These large cats help keep prey populations, such as deer, in check. This helps to prevent overbrowing of trees and shrubs in riparian areas. (This month’s artwork by 6th grade student, Linneae Crandall.) TRACKING MAMMALS – MOUNTAIN LIONS Mountain Lion Tracks are:… [Read More]

Critters in the Rivers


The 2019 ‘Living with the Methow River Calendar’ offers monthly information about our river habitat. Learn more about our critters by visiting some the following sites: Twisp Ponds Discovery Center, Cottonwood Trail, The Winthrop Barn Trail, and Whitefish Island. (Artwork by 6th grade student Vance Nielsen.) AUGUST FEATURES: Mountain Lions are ambush predators that eat… [Read More]

Station 2: Twisp Ponds Discovery Center


There are few better places to spend a sunny autumn afternoon than at the Twisp Ponds Discovery Center located at 53 Twisp River Road, Twisp, WA. Located just a half mile out of Twisp on Twisp River Road, the Twisp Ponds site is a complex of streams, rearing ponds, meandering trails, public art, and interpretive… [Read More]

Department of Ecology


Ecology is Washington’s environmental protection agency. Their mission is to protect, preserve, and enhance Washington’s land, air, and water for current and future generations. Ecology’s Water Quality Program provides support for water quality projects such as stream restoration, education and outreach.  The Methow Water Quality Restoration and Monitoring Project is a local project designed to… [Read More]

William Stafford Poetry Reading: Celebrating the 25-year Anniversary of Stafford Poems in the Methow Valley

Wed, Jan 16, 7pm, 2019

The third annual William Stafford Birthday Reading will be held on Wednesday, January 16 at 7pm at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp. Featured readers include members of the Confluence Poets: Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Vicky Douxmont, Cindy Williams Gutiérrez, Christine Kendall, Kelleigh McMillan, Sam Owen, Hannah Viano and Greg Wright, along with Liberty Bell High School… [Read More]

Beeest: from Plymouth to Public Art

Fall 2016

Join us for a Dedication Ceremony on Sat, Oct 29 at 11am The project is made possible through a collaboration of Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation and Methow Arts Alliance. When Barry Stromberger bought a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook for $25 in college, he never dreamed that one day he would be charged with cutting one into… [Read More]