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Faces: self-portraits inspired by Kehinde Wiley

Spring 2021

Kehinde Wiley (b. 1977) is one of the foremost portraitists of the 21st century, redefining a genre rooted in privilege. Historically, only those with means could afford to have their portrait painted, leaving museum visitors staring into the faces of primarily the upper-crust of European society. Wiley, too, was educated in this tradition. “I was… [Read More]

Telling the story: artist Dan Nanamkin shares Indigenous culture

Summer 2021

Dan Nanamkin, k’oup?lus enim kl’a (Thunder and Lightning), is from the Chief Joseph Band Of Wallowa, Nez Perce, and Colville Confederated Tribes of Washington State and has been an advocate/teacher for indigenous culture, community unity, youth empowerment, racial equality, and peace for several decades. Nanamkin is committed to the preservation of Indigenous culture and sees… [Read More]

Youth Arts Initiative in the Methow Valley School District


In 2019, Methow Arts received a grant from Icicle Fund to support a Youth Arts Initiative (YAI) for students in grades K-3 in the Methow Valley Elementary School. The Initiative is a three-year pilot grant that has a goal of increasing the dosage of professional arts education specifically in sequential art learning and basics and… [Read More]

Alma Thomas: exuberant colors

Winter 2020.2021

Now regarded as a major American painter, Alma Woodsey Thomas (1891-1978) spent most of her life as an art teacher in Washington D.C. public schools. Only after retiring was she able to devote herself to her own paintings, and create the work for which she is best known. She used “exuberant” colors to depict the… [Read More]

Art connects generations

Spring 2021

Since the pandemic began, Methow Valley resident Carolyn Sullivan has stayed connected with her grandchildren remotely. “I was doing different activities with the kids online, like playing Clue,” says Sullivan. “Then one day I went  to the Methow Arts website and found your art videos.” Sullivan is referring to the art videos Methow Arts began… [Read More]

The Farmers: student art inspired by Romare Bearden

Spring 2021

Recognized as one of the most creative and original visual artists of the twentieth century, the artist Romare Howard Bearden (1911-1988) was a New York City social worker by day and an artist by night as he worked to launch his career. His life and art encompass a broad range of intellectual and scholarly interests,… [Read More]

Bilateral Symmetry in Beetles

Winter 2021

Uh oh, beetle infestation. And we love it! These vibrant beetles were created by Methow Valley Elementary School 4th graders. Beetles come in a fantastic variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are innocuous and black, others iridescent shades of green and blue. All beetles, however, share common traits, including a hard wing casing that… [Read More]

Justice & the American Dream: student voices

2020.2021 school year

Working with activist Darcy Ottey and Methow Arts teaching poet Cindy Williams Gutiérrez, 9th graders at Liberty Bell High School explored the meaning of justice and how it could be enhanced in their lives, school, community, and country. They examined the American Dream from multiple perspectives: the Founding Fathers, Chief Joseph, Martin Luther King Jr.,… [Read More]

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