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The Merc Playhouse

The Merc Playhouse connects curious seekers through live theater.
A community venue in the Methow Valley, dedicated to fostering a broadway-based appreciation for performing arts by providing a season of top quality theater productions, both self-produced and in collaboration with other performing arts organizations, educational, and performing oppurtunities in theater arts and an inspired rental space for organizations.

The Merc Playhouse has come a long way since 1924. For generations the Twisp Mercantile provided provisions for home and farm in the Methow Valley. Then the building sat idle for many years. But thanks to the foresight of a group of founding directors, the Merc opened its first season of professional theater in the Summer of 1999. Since then it has become a community treasure, providing space not only for theater productions, but also music, lectures, and other performances.

 Merc Playhouse Staff

  • Missi Smith, Executive Director
  • Ki Gottberg, Artistic Director
  • Mike Doran, Technical Director
  • Phyllis Daniels, Lead House Manager
  • Will McKibbin, Facilities & Maintenance
  • Claire Bunney, Bookkeeping

 Merc Playhouse Board of Directors

  • Jane Hill, Chairperson
  • Emily Doran, Vice-ChairpersonRon McCollum, Treasurer
  • Christine Kendall, Secretary
  • Sue Gottula
  • John Roth
  • Jane Pappidas


  • Carolanne & Egon Steinebach

Programs and Services

  • Live theater productions
  • Open Merc!
  • Staged Readings
  • Children’s Theater
  • Youth Technical Training
  • Youth Drama Camps
  • Theater rentals