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Life in the Methow

February 2022

David Moskowitz was a recipient of the 2021 Mary Kiesau Fellowship through Twispworks for his project Life in the Methow, a photographic exploration of the diversity of the natural world and how people interact with it in the Methow River watershed. “I am honored and humbled to have the chance to live, observe and photograph… [Read More]

Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak: Resources to Help Nonprofits

By Margie Fleming Glennon  Whether you are guiding staff about travel or remote work arrangements, wonderingwhat other groups are doing in response to Covid-19, fielding donors’ questions about your nonprofit’s response or the impact on planned events, or worrying that the virus will dampen your fundraising, it’s a lot to handle. e, help you plan swiftly, and keep you focused on… [Read More]

Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)

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Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) is engaged in a number of projects designed to increase the region’s capacity for advocacy directed to the advancement of public support of the arts.  They also offer online registries for visual & literary artists ( and, an online job search (, and an application process for a number… [Read More]

Alliance of People with disAbilities

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With offices in Seattle and Redmond, Alliance of People with disAbilities provides resources and support for people living with disabilities in King County. Programs include: Information and Referral Services; Independent Living Skills Training; Peer Groups; Disabilities Law Project (DLP); Emegency Preparedness; Access Reviews; Systems Advocacy; Community Education. 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Suite 100Seattle, WA 98103(206)… [Read More]

Artists Rights Society

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Artists Rights Society (ARS) is a copyright, licensing, and monitoring organization for visual artists in the United States. ARS represents the intellectual property rights interests of over 30,000 visual artists and estates of visual artists from around the world. ARS represents American artists who become its direct adherents and it represents foreign artists who are… [Read More]

Don’t Fear the Contract

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ROBERT C. CUMBOW Artists tend not to like contracts. They’re creative people, flexible, open to the impulses of the imagination, and they have little patience with the “legalese” and the constrictions of documented agreements. Chances are when you read the word “contract,” you picture 17 pages of fine print with numbered paragraphs and long complex… [Read More]

Business Licenses What Artists Need to Know

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State Business Licenses All individual artists living in Washington State who gross over $12,000 a year from art-making activities or generate income from the retail sale of their art must obtain a business license from the state. However, any Washington state artist regardless of their income as an artist can still obtain a business license.… [Read More]