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Methow Arts is taking a lead in connecting ARTists with valuable resources – creating more savvy artist entrepreneurs in NCW. Contact us to help you in being the best you can be.


The Methow Investment Network supports local Artists

Recognizing that one of the biggest challenges artists and other entrepreneurs face is access to capital, TwispWorks started the Methow Investment Network (MIN) in 2017. The MIN connects community members interested in investing locally with Methow Valley entrepreneurs needing capital to start or grow their business. The program moves money ‘from Wall Street to Main Street’… [Read More]

Art Photography

Need your art photographed? Here are some local photographers that provide art photography services: Melissa Adams You can find her website HERE.View her artist profile HERE. Stephen Mitchell You can find his website HERE.Visit his artist profile HERE.Mitchell has been photographing Confluence Gallery exhibits for the past four years. If you are a photographer that… [Read More]

Article: Digital Images: The Way of the Future

Here are some insights and advice for our visual artist applicants about how to submit images for grant panels and other applications. Traditionally, visual artists have submitted images of their artwork in slide format. This involved a lot of expense to the artist and a lot of work for the organizations who processed artists’ applications.… [Read More]

Touring Performers Hospitality Sheet