Ashnola Declaration Presentation

July 23, 6pm. 2022

“The Ashnola is one of the last pristine stream systems in sməlqmíx territory. Protecting the cold, pure waters of our watershed is essential if the smelqmix, the land, all beings, as well as settlers to the Similkameen, are to thrive in a time of climate change and increasing water scarcity,” said xitulax, Ira Edward, Lower Similkameen Councillor.

The sməlqmíx, the syilx people of the Similkameen Valley, announced the designation of a new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) in their territory. The Ashnola IPCA declaration upholds the inherent jurisdiction and responsibility of the sməlqmíx to protect and manage their territories according to sməlqmíx / syilx law.

This declaration is an important step in bringing a stronger Indigenous voice to land management in our region. This event will provide a space for a respectful discussion among State, Federal and Tribal land managers, as well as community members.

DATE: July 23, 6pm. LOCATION: Methow Valley Interperative Center, Twisp WA. CONTACT/INFO: