“Boundaries” Show at Confluence Gallery

Wed, June 12-July 18, 2020

Swanson, Solstice

Boundaries can be real or symbolic and can divide us or protect us. While they may be firm and impenetrable, they can also be breached – by invitation, intrusion, or invasion. They may be healthy, hurtful, protective, or oppressive. We invite artists to explore boundaries in all their manifestations – literal, figurative, geographic, personal – and to ruminate on how boundaries have protected or burdened them. We welcome all interpretations and works of art, both representational and non-representational, that encompass the serious, thoughtful, playful, and provocative.

Curators, Marcy Stamper and Mandy Shoger

INFO/CONTACT: (509) 997-2787, info@confluencegallery.com LOCATION: 104 Glover Street South Twisp, WA DATES: June 12-July 18th, 2020