CHA CHA Exhibition at the MAC

Sept 2-Oct 27; Opening Reception, Fri, Oct 7, 5-7pm, 2022

Opening Reception: Oct 7, 5pm-7pm

Conservation, History, Arts (CHA) | A project of Icicle Fund, Methow Arts & Icicle Creek Center for the Arts.

As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, the Icicle Fund hosted two Artist-In-Residence events to celebrate the Conservation, History and Arts (CHA) of North Central Washington at the Methow River (October 2-4, 2020) and the Wenatchee River (May 21-23 2021).

The goal of the residencies was to honor, celebrate, and record the unique environmental aspects of each location, inspired by revisiting past work created by poet William Stafford in the Methow Valley (1993) or Watershed Artists in the Wenatchee Valley (2001).

Twelve artists across disciplines were selected for the CHA Residencies. Artists visited up to ten locations during their time in the project and documented their surroundings through visual art, writing, film, and other creative mediums, with the opportunity to draw from changed conditions of the environment as illustrated by poet William Stafford and Watershed Artists. This travelling exhibit showcases the work produced by participating artists. These artists are Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Gretchen Daiber, Marlene Farrell, David Lukas, Merry Maxwell, Jennifer Molesworth, Sarah Horowitz, Heather Murphy, Claire Seaman, Rod Weagant, Jane Zanol, and Amber Zimmerman.

A sense of place is central to the Icicle Fund’s mission. Over the past 20 years, the Fund has worked collaboratively to nurture artistic expression and imagination, an understanding of our past, and appreciation and love for our natural landscapes. Through this culture of respect, trust, and collaboration, individuals and organizations thrive, and the conservation, history and arts of North Central Washington is not only cared for, but flourishes. To date, the Fund has invested more than $40 million in over 100 organizations in North Central Washington.

DATE: Sept 2-Oct 27; Opening Reception, Fri, Oct 7, 5-7pm, 2022. LOCATION: Wenatchee Valley College, MAC Gallery, Wenatchee, WA. CONTACT:

Exhibit schedule: June 2, Snowy Owl Theater; June 18-July 30, Gallery One, Ellensburg; August 1-27, Methow Arts, Twisp; Sept 1-Oct 27, MAC Gallery/Wenatchee.