En Masse: Assemblage as Art at Confluence

Apr 13-May 25, 2019

The dictionary defines assemblage as, “a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects,” as well as, “a collection or gathering of things…” We are hoping for artists to express themselves on any subject matter by using a collection of parts and pieces. The parts may be disguised or outright overt, but each work of art must be made by assembling parts together to make a whole.

For Show Committee Board Chair and Curator Joanne Marracci, this particular show combines media to tell a story. “It seems to be a terrific metaphor for life in general,” said Joanne. “We take all these small individual experiences and in the end, we’ve created a whole unique life.”

“In assemblage, the craft is in the combination of concepts,” said Joanne. “I love how assemblage can draw you in to inspect the parts, then allow you to step back to see the whole. It offers a change in perspective; the Micro to the Macro in one piece of artwork.”

DATE: Apr 13- May 25; Opening Apr 13, 5-7pm. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA. INFO: ConfluenceGallery.com