“Filthy Little Pictures” Exhibit at The Confluence

January 12 - March 5, 2022

(Nichole DeMent :: photographic-based encaustic artist.)

Sexual shame is ubiquitous; no one escapes its clutches entirely. It is with each of us from birth to death, in varying degrees of severity and consciousness. From the diaper to the shroud, modesty, discretion, and conformity are elevated; any departure from those values is shamed with a vengeance. 

For those free spirits who dare to flout the strictures of convention, shame awaits – and is gleefully dispensed by those unaware that their own psyches suffer the very pain they aspire to inflict upon others, along with the added chains of resentment, envy and longing.

Celebrating freedom of sexual expression and the human form that makes it possible is Filthy Little Pictures, a title born of appropriation – in this case, swiping words characteristically wielded to devalue any forms of expression that trigger shame in the psyche of another. Here’s to a new future for “filthy” in the minds of those who view this show.

The contributing artists were asked to shine their creative lights on the shadows cast by shame and to celebrate the human form and all its variations of physical expression. Artists were given almost total latitude within the confines of the show’s theme  — as it should be, with a show celebrating freedom of expression. – Penelope Varn, Exhibit Curator

WHEN: January 12 – March 5, 2022 WHERE: The Confluence: Art in Twisp, 104 Glover St., Twisp. Gallery Hours W-Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-3pm. MORE INFORMATION: www.confluencegallery.org