Fireweed Print Shop’s 29th limited edition Letterpress Calendar

Winter 2020.21

Hot off the press at Fireweed Print Shop comes artist Laura Gunnip’s 29th limited edition letterpress calendar, Saturn Return 2021. 12 months of celestial zodiac signs, their ruling planets and phases of the moon. This witchy offering is a mutual aid fundraiser for Foundation for Youth Resiliency & Engagement, serving all Okanogan County youth. OK FYRE is committed to centering the voices of today’s and tomorrow’s youth, using knowledge and critical thinking for the betterment of our community, and addressing equity and inclusion through deliberate representation and advocacy.

“I am excited to offer 50% of this year’s calendar sales to OK FYRE”, enthuses Gunnip “Let’s build a more equitable and resilient community together.” Direct donations are encouraged to further support this local BIPOC lead organization.

INFO/CONTACT: To order the calendar for either pick up or shipping visit

To learn more and to donate directly to OK FYRE visit: