Lessons 1 and 2: 4th Grade ART at home

Methow Arts is putting together weekly easy, at-home art lessons to do with your student or child. You can find the description of each lesson below along with an image and a list of materials. Click on the title of each lesson to view or print off a PDF version of the lesson. Brought to you by Methow Arts Youth Arts Instructor, Anne Venable.

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Lesson One: Bug Drawings
Learn about patterns and lines and how to draw an insect.

Pencil, Paper, Markers

Lesson Credit:
Deep Space Sparkle

Lesson Two: The Hand Line Pattern
Use different types of lines & patterns to fill in a tracing of your hand.

8.5×11 sheet of paper, black marker, & pattern sheet (included in the PDF).

Additional Online Resources:
YouTube LINK for Lesson