Methow Arts + Town of Twisp team up to lead Creative District Process


Update May, 2021

Submitted by Amanda Jackson Mott, executive director – Methow Arts Alliance. Twisp receives Creative District Certification from ArtsWA READ HERE.

Twisp Community Art Panels Project

A series of art panels will soon be installed on buildings in downtown Twisp, thanks to a recent grant from the Washington State Arts Commission, matching funds from Methow Arts and in-kind support from the Town of Twisp.

For the project Methow Arts hired local artist Hannah Viano to design artwork that would help in connecting different unique aspects of Twisp, WA. The artwork will encourage one to walk around Twisp and explore.

The project will be installed by June 30th. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Update October 21, 2020

Methow Arts receives CDCPP Grant Award for $26,416.66 with In-Kind and Cash Match support of $19,812.50 for a project total of $46,229.16.

Update: October, 2020

Methow Arts revises CDCPP Application with new funds. And reapplies for Pilot Project Grant for Twisp Creative District.

Update: September, 2020

Methow Arts submits Creative Districts Capital Project Pilot Program Grant (CDCPP) Application.

CLICK HERE for Twisp Creative District Strategic Program Goals Plan.

(featured artwork by artist Tania Gonzalez Ortega.)

(featured artwork by artist Tania Gonzalez Ortega.)

Update: June, 2020

Methow Arts participates in Creative District Summer Convening with other Districts around the State.

Update: June, 2020

Methow Arts officially awarded Creative District Designation in WA State.

Update: February, 2020

Update: Our Twisp Creative District Application has been submitted and accepted. We will wait to hear from ArtsWA about the status of our application and next steps.

Update: January, 2020

Methow Arts is working with statewide Creative Districts and lobbyist Doug Levy from WESTAF on a new project, Creative Districts Capital Project Pilot Program Grant.

The purpose of the Creative Districts Capital Project Pilot Program is to enable Washington State’s eight (8) certified “Creative District” communities to make small-scale capital investments within the boundaries of their Districts. These projects will better enable those Districts to add community visibility, draw tourists, and bring in new activity and revenues.
The Creative Districts communities represent an impressive blend of Eastern and Western Washington, urban and rural, and medium- to small-sized cities and towns.

Projects include, but are not limited to, ready-to-go investments in wayfinding, lighting, signage, frontage improvements, electronic reader-board renovations, pathway connections, and more, all of which can be completed within the remainder of this biennium.

Update: August, 2019

Hello everyone, 
Thank you to those of you who have expressed enthusiasm for the Creative District Certification (CDC) program and for our upcoming application for Twisp. We are ready to move forward!

Annette Roth, ArtsWA’s Creative District Program Manager, and consultant Elliat Grainey-Saucke visited in June over two packed days. Annette visited Twisp businesses, and organizations and presented three times to the Twisp Town Council, the TERC (Twisp Economic Revitalization Committee) and the Arts Forum at Methow Arts. Thank you to all who were a part of expressing how the creative sectors impact our town.

Methow Arts Alliance is now ready to move forward with the application process in partnership with the Town of Twisp. This valuable partnership ensures that all sectors of Twisp are reached and that key stakeholders in the business community + creative sector are represented and have a voice in planning. One of the most important aspects of the CDC is involvement from our community. We couldn’t be happier with this arrangement. 

We invite you to participate in this process!

Methow Arts has organized two tiers of involvement for this process:

1. CREATIVE DISTRICT PLANNING TEAM: TIER 1– is for those of you who would like to be involved  in a greater way. In this Tier, we will send you ongoing invitations to planning meetings and more detailed update emails. And we hope you will be an advocate for this process by sharing updates with your networks, connecting anyone who has questions and share your opinion as time goes on.

2. CREATIVE DISTRICT UPDATES: TIER 2 – is for those of you who would like to be kept in “the loop” through plans and updates. In this Tier, we will send you email updates. And we hope you will be an advocate for this process by sharing updates with your networks, connecting anyone who has questions and share your opinion as time goes on.

Please contact me directly to be involved in TIER 1 @ Ideas and questions are always welcome at any time. If you would like to stop receiving emails please let me know.

Dates will be set for September to begin this process. After hearing from you regarding your involvement I will send out dates for the application and planning process. Information about the planning and application process will be updated on our website at It is our goal to submit an application by November at the latest.

If you would like to add anyone to this list, please send me their contact information. Thank you all for your help in this important process! 

Amanda Jackson Mott, Executive Director

More information about the process and program: Washington State Arts Commission’s Creative District Certification Program. In 2017 this legislation was signed into law. As an ArtsWA Commissioner I worked with 22 arts leaders across the state to get this legislation passed and we designed the program in a way that would help communities – big and small – use creative industries and the arts to help towns thrive. 
Last fall (2018) Edmonds, WA became the first creative district in Washington State to receive certification. The time is right for us to apply and get things started. The process takes approximately 9 months.

The Certified Creative Districts program works to help communities throughout the state thrive. It is a legislative initiative designed to support the state’s creative economy. A state-certified Creative District provides a strong base for communities to grow the arts and creative economy. They can grow jobs and provide educational, and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors.

WHAT IS A CREATIVE DISTRICT?It’s a geographically defined area where art, cultural, social, and economic activity takes place. It includes cultural facilities, artists, creative industries and other businesses that support these activities. It’s a vehicle to grow jobs and create opportunities in the arts. It can make the most of a community’s arts and cultural heritage. It’s the heart of a community – a focal point for people to gather and enjoy vibrant and vital activities. And it showcases the innovation and entrepreneurship Washington is known for.

Please share this information with your Board of Directors, artists and other stakeholders you feel would be interested.