Reflections on Water Exhibit Opens at Confluence in August

Aug 18-Sept 22, 2018

This August Confluence Gallery approaches the concept of water as inspiration and contention in the Reflections on Water exhibit August 18 through September 22.

Volunteer Exhibit Coordinator Jennifer Molesworth created the show to discuss both the essential nature as well as the fragility of water systems.

With a BA in Biology with an emphasis on aquatic ecology, and is a 19 year resident in the Methow Valley, Molesworth is no stranger to water. After working for the Methow Valley Ranger District and now the Methow Valley Salmon Recovery Reclamation, Molesworth understands the complexities behind water and wanted to continue the conversation through art.

(Artwork: Karalee Kuchar’s triptych will be on display during the Reflections on Water exhibit at Confluence Gallery August 18 through September 22.)

“The power of water in its many forms. The play of light and shadow, reflected surroundings, swirling, rippling or still – such wonderful colors and textures,” says Molesworth. And yet, “Many Americans have taken safe water for granted. A glass of pure clean water is such a gift of a clean and healthy environment. Safe water is becoming less of a certainty.”

In light of the political role water scarcity has played over the last few years, think Flint, Michigan, the Dakota Access Pipeline and the droughts in California to name a small few, water rights, quality and quantity now artists have become a part of this critical conversation.

Reflections on Water both celebrates the beauty and splendor of water through aquatic animals. From rivers to ponds to irrigation to raindrops to molecular makeup, water in every form is represented in a wide array of mediums.

DATES: Aug 18-Sept 22. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA. CONTACT: