Support our kids today!

Oct 1-31, 2019

Your donation via Give Methow supports FREE Arts Education Programs for 721 Methow Valley students

HELP US reach all public school students with free in-school learning programs that integrate arts education into curriculum.



  1. We ensure that all kids in the Methow Valley (721) have ACCESS to ART! We make sure that a public school kid’s day includes the Arts and that our programs are offered free of charge.
  2. We hire and mentor local artists (25+ artists) to teach important art lessons– guaranteeing that our artists can live and work in our community.
  3. We work with teachers, principals, administrators and artists to develop innovative art curriculum that aligns with WA State learning standards.
  4. We provide all art supplies necessary to teach our programs.
  5. We integrate the Arts into other subjects – helping students think creatively through the process of learning in subjects such as math, science, biology and geography.
  6. We bring renowned and diverse performing artists from around the globe to perform and engage with students – guaranteeing that our rural students are exposed to different cultures and beliefs. Performances have included artists from Ghana, Canada, Crow Nation Tribe, Argentina, United States, Colombia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Peru, and Mexico.
  7. We THANK YOU for making the Arts a vibrant part of our students lives!