Tonasket Art Walk

July 1-Sept 30, 2019

The Annual Tonasket Art Walk is here again which encourages visitors to walk throughout town to view work from local artists inside participating businesses.

Artisans that are being featured are Maddie Price, Dana Miller, James Moore, Barbara Conner-Reed, Gaile Walsh, Niki Abrahams, Nelda Patison, Shayla Wiggins, Bruce Townsend-Cook, Ephraim Brown, and Wild Women Glass (Sue Kramer, Peggy Swanberg, and Sarah Gelineau).

(Artwork from above: Painting by Bruce Townsend Cook, Stained glass by Wild Women Glass, Painting by Barbara Conner-Reed, Painting by Shayla Wiggins, Painting by Niki Abrahams.)

In addition to the Art Walk, the new art coordinator of Tonasket, Shayla Wiggins, invites the public to a reception to celebrate and support local and participating artists. The reception will be held in early September with live music and refreshments at the Community Cultural Center in Tonasket. The date and time will soon be provided. Please check back for details or contact the Cultural Center below.

DATES: July 1-Sept 30. INFO: Community Cultural Center of Tonasket, 411 Western Ave. Tonasket, WA., 509-486-1328.